Developing with Ganache

Install Ganache to run a local blockchain test-net on your machine.

Torus website runs on https. The browser security model does not allow an insecure connection to a http endpoint over https. Install the following NPM package to proxy your http traffic from Ganache through a https endpoint. The NPM package redirects the traffic present on your Ganache port through https://localhost:8545.

1. Install and run ganache-http-proxy

npm install -g ganache-http-proxy

2. Run Ganache on port 8546

8546 is the port where Ganache is running locally.

ganache-cli -p 8546

3. Connect to the Ganache localhost instance in Torus

Select localhost:8545 from in the Network selector under the Settings tab within the Torus wallet

4. Accept localhost certificates in your browser

Chrome: Paste the following URL into the address bar.