Getting Started

Torus streamlines onboarding by allowing users to start using DApps

Depending on your applications needs Torus can be integrated in either via the iFrame wallet, or through interacting directly with the Torus Network.

iFrame wallet integration via NPM

The iFrame wallet allows any application to seamlessly support their user's interactions with Ethereum(and other chains). OAuth logins, fiat-to-crypto and much more listed in the features section. You can install via a npm package or ipfs. More details

npm i @toruslabs/torus-embed
import Torus from "@toruslabs/torus-embed";
import Web3 from "web3";
const torus = new Torus();
await torus.init();
await torus.login(); // await torus.ethereum.enable()
const web3 = new Web3(torus.provider);

Direct Torus Network integration

Applications can directly interact with the Torus Network to assign, store and retrieve keys on the network - Distributed Key Generation as a Service. The integration is compatible with both web/native apps, applications get access to the OAuth scopes provided to them (name/email from Google) and there are no longer pop-ups - applications literally own the UX. Proceed here for more information