Getting Started

Hit your mainstream audience by abstracting all the hussle and bussle on your application, whilst staying non-custodial

Depending on your applications needs, Torus can be integrated via the Torus Wallet, or through interacting directly with the Torus Network via DirectAuth.

The Torus Wallet allows any application to seamlessly support their user's interactions with Ethereum (and similar EVM chains). It comes with a prebuilt UI, OAuth logins, fiat-to-crypto, whitelabel and much more listed in the features section.

If your application is already compatible with Metamask/other web3 providers, integrating the Torus Wallet would give you a provider to wrap the same web3 interface. You can install via a npm package or ipfs. or jsdelivr or unpkg More details

Applications can directly interact with the Torus Network to assign, store and retrieve keys on the network - Distributed Key Generation as a Service. Whilst abstracting key management from your application, the integration is compatible with both web/native apps, blockchain agnostic, and there are no longer any pop-ups - your application will be in full control of the permissions flow. More information

If you're looking to control your own UX, from logins to every interaction DirectAuth is the integration for you. You can integrate via one of our SDKs depending on the platform/s you are building on.