Logging In with Torus

DApps integrated with Torus allow users to log in with just a few familiar steps. Follow this simple process to start using the DApp.

Torus User Walkthrough: Logging Into DApps

Video Walkthrough of Logging Into DApps with Torus

Step 1: Click on the Torus Login Button

Click on the Torus Login Button to Start

The Torus Login Logo will appear on the bottom left corner of your website. Users would need to click the button to start the login process.

Step 2: Enter your OAuth Login Credentials

Enter your Google Login Credentials to Authenticate the Log In

Torus will launch a Login Pop-Up Window, you would need to disable your pop-up blockers or allow pop-ups for this site. This security feature ensures that your credentials are kept safe from potential risks like clickjacking.

Next, enter your Google login credentials, followed by any 2FA methods set up to authenticate your log in.

Once authenticated, you would then be able sign for transactions and start using the DApp.