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What is OpenLogin?

OpenLogin is a plug n play auth suite that combines the simplicity of passwordless authentication with the security of non-custodial public key infrastructure (PKI). It brings the ease of passwordless, SSO, biometric authentication to any native mobile or web applications and results in a cryptographic key pair specific to user and application.

For dapps, that means a key (many key types supported) pluggable into any Web3 SDK and/or blockchain platform. Web3 dapps looking for ecosystem interoperability can also look to using Wallet for a metamask-esque integration that uses OpenLogin flows. For web2 developers, the key enables more security guarantees, GDPR, CPRA, or CCPA compliance, and creates a better way to give users the features they love without sacrificing security. To experience it for yourself checkout

With OpenLogin, applications get:

  • Device native biometrics: Familiar Face/TouchID logins to your application
  • Social Account SSO, & Passwordless flows: Users can register via Google, Twitter, Github, and email verification
  • Hassle-free Data Management: Manage the most sensitive data flows, user encrypt sensitive data, setup for GDPR, CCPA, CPRA compliance
  • Web and native support: OpenLogin works both on web as well as mobile out of the box
  • Customizable and custom logins: customize OpenLogin's UI such that it blends directly into your application
  • Non-custodial PKI: with user flows that the mainstream user is familiar with
  • Integrable in 5 minutes: That’s it!


All Torus tools run on the Torus Network, see How keys are managed?