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How do I start using Torus?#

For DApp integrations, refer the Get Started section. To use the wallet, head over to

Can I use the Torus wallet outside of a browser context? Why doesn't it work in NodeJS?#

There are several restrictions. Some integrations are possible (eg. native support, Chrome extensions), whereas others are not (eg. using Torus wallet in a server context). Right now, we only have browser based support.

Using it directly in NodeJS via require will not work since the SDK relies on browser capabilities like service workers and

Why is the Torus Wallet login modal hidden below other elements on my page?#

Instead of setting a high CSS z-index, which can be quite annoying, we choose to let Vuetify take care of this. If you find that you are still facing a problem, you can add CSS for the selector "#torusIframe" to set the z-index yourself.

What browsers are supported?#

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Safari and other major browsers. IE and private browsing in Safari are not supported. On browsers that don't support ancestorOrigins (eg. Firefox), we make use of the document.referrer, so you will have to ensure that your app is served with an appropriate Referrer-Policy.

I'm getting share decryption issues, how do I resolve that?#

You might be running on non-secure domains, which don't have window.crypto enabled. Try loading your site over https or localhost.

Why doesn't Torus Wallet work for my dapp in Firefox/IE?#

The Torus Wallet relies on many browser-specific technologies which differ in implementation. We try to make the Torus Wallet compatible with as many browsers as possible, but browser updates can change some of these behaviours. If your dapp isn't working in a specific browser, please check out the issues here to see if it has already been raised or resolved.

How is my private key stored?#

Torus splits a user’s private keys into shares across a network of nodes, and allows a user to retrieve this using natural login mechanisms like social authentication. You need access to more than half of the shares to reconstruct the private key.

Should I backup my keys?#

Our nodes have managed volumes and snapshot policies to ensure that key shares are not lost. We also have coverage that extends to key loss due to technical failures.

Can I get access to a user's private keys?#


When do I need to update the SDK to get new features?#

The SDK (torus-embed) is a Javascript package that loads our wallet website (torus-website) in an iframe. Methods that are called from the SDK are relayed to the iframe via the browser's Window.postMessage API.

By default, the SDK always fetches the latest version of the website, so if there are new features within the website, it is automatically available when the website is updated. You can turn this off by specifying integrityParams in the initialization.

However, if there are new features in the SDK you'll need to update the SDK to get the new features. The SDK cannot update itself automatically.


Will Torus have access to a user's contacts from the OAuth login?#

No, the initial login only requests for the minimal public information, which you can see during the OAuth popup screen by the 3rd-party provider. The purpose of the login is only for verification of your identity, not for access to your personal information.

How long is the user login persisted? Can Google/Facebook/Reddit track my activity?#

We log you out of your 3rd-party account immediately after your identity is verified. The only information that is accessible to these 3rd-party login providers is that you were logged in (and logged out) with Torus.

Is it possible to allow users to persist their session with the DApp, so that they don't have to login again?#

It is definitely possible but keeping the user logged in for just that session gives better privacy guarantees for users. There is no easy way for Torus to ensure that users are logged out by the DApp, so we opted to keep user sessions self contained.

Most Oauth providers already solve this problem by auto-approving the login request if the user logged in recently, and it may not even require user interaction. For example, for Facebook login, users do not even need to click anything if they have recently logged in.

Node operation#

What is Shamir secret sharing?#

2 points make a line right? Draw a straight line and write down the coordinates of 3 points. Erase the line.

You now need at least 2 out of 3 of the points are required to reconstruct the line.

This is a 2/3 Shamir secret sharing of the original line.

How can I become one of the nodes running Torus?#

We are currently running the network as a permissioned network, so there is a whitelist process, please reach out at

Any other questions?#

If you have any questions that are yet to be addressed here, feel free to contact us via email at or on Telegram at