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Integrating CustomAuth

Design a key management architecture that suites your user base.

Depending on your application's platform we have different SDKs for integrating CustomAuth:

These SDKs implement interactions with the Torus Network which are detailed more closely here and here. Each of the SDKs go into further detail with exact implementation details and example code within their readme's.

The steps for integration are:

  1. Designing your key management architecture: decide on which logins (verifiers) you'd like to implement, your authentication structure and more

  2. Deploying to testnet & implement: once you've designed your key management architecture for your app we can deploy your app-specific verifier scripts on the Torus Network. This is done by submitting an append only transaction that creates the verifier scripts. These are highly limited in updatability thus most applications to test out the deployed scripts on testnet first. Once deployed, the application can then access and use these verifier scripts via one or more of our SDKs.

  3. Deploying to mainnet: and finally once before entering production be sure to convert/deploy your verifier to mainnet all deployments are done on the developer dashboard

If you're looking to get your hands dirty, start with one of our guides: