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Redirects & Service Workers

OAuth Redirect#

Redirect URLs are a critical part of the OAuth flow. After a user successfully authorizes an application, the authorization server will redirect the user back to the application with either access/ id token in the URL. Because the redirect URL will contain sensitive information, it is critical that the developer only whitelists authorized URLs with the OAuth provider.

In torus direct auth, we require the query and hash params present in the redirect url to retrieve the user data.


In torus-direct-web-sdk, there are two ways to serve the redirect url

Using service workers#

A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page. We can use service workers to capture the redirected url and serve a html page. The code present in the html communicates the query and hash params to the underlying torus sdk which finishes the login process.

To use service workers, you need to serve the sw.js (present in torus-direct-web-sdk npm package) from the baseUrl of your website (eg: if is your redirect uri, baseUrl would be

To know more about service workers, click here

Using hosted redirect.html#

Some browsers don't support service workers. For those browsers, you need to serve redirect.html (present in torus-direct-web-sdk npm package) from the baseUrl as defined above.

If you're facing problems with redirect being stuck, please refer to FAQ section

Android (and react-native android)#

In torus-direct-android-sdk, please add mainfestPlaceholders in your build.gradle with the following properties

android.defaultConfig.manifestPlaceholders = [  'torusRedirectScheme': 'YOUR_APP_SCHEME', // (torusapp)  'torusRedirectHost': 'YOUR_APP_HOST', // (org.torusresearch.torusdirectandroid)  'torusRedirectPathPrefix': 'YOUR_REDIRECT_PATH' // (/redirect)]

At verifier's interface (where you obtain client id), please use browserRedirectUri in DirectSdkArgs (default: as the redirect uri. If you specify a custom browserRedirectUri, pls host redirect.html (present in the package) at that url.