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Account Resolver

Assigns an Ethereum address to any social account.


This resolves an email address to an Ethereum public Address. Returns an account if it already exists on torus network. Creates a new wallet for that user if it does not exist.

const publicAddress = await torus.getPublicAddress(params);


  • params - VerifierArgs : The parameters passed to the method
    • verifier - enum : The verifier to use. Supported enums are google, reddit, discord
    • verifierId - string : The unique identifier for that verifier. (Say email for google, username for reddit and id for discord).


  • Promise<string> : Returns a promise which resolves to the Ethereum address associated with the email.


interface VerifierArgs {  verifier: "google" | "reddit" | "discord";  verifierId: string;}


const publicAddress = await torus.getPublicAddress({  verifier: "google",  verifierId: "",});