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Cryptocurrency purchases through our fiat-to-crypto partners.


Initiates a top up tx with the specified provider right from the dapp. Please refer below for supported values of params and providers


Topup api doesn't require the user to be logged in with Torus

const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup(provider, params);


  • provider - enum (required) : The specified payment partner. Supported options for provider are moonpay wyre coindirect
  • params - PaymentParams (optional) : The topup tx params. used to autofill the form for that specific provider
    • selectedAddress - string (optional): The address to top up
    • selectedCurrency - string (optional) : The fiat currency supported. e.g.: "USD". In case an unsupported currency is specified, it throws
    • fiatValue - Number (optional) : The fiat value. It must be between the max and min value supported by that provider
    • selectedCryptoCurrency - string (optional) : The crypto currency supported. e.g.: "ETH". In case an unsupported crypto currency is specified, it throws


  • Promise<boolean> : Returns a promise which resolves to a boolean indicating whether user has successfully completed the flow


torus.paymentProviders = {  moonpay: {    minOrderValue: 24.99,    maxOrderValue: 2000,    validCurrencies: ["USD", "EUR", "GBP"],    validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "TUSD", "USDC", "USDT"],  },  wyre: {    minOrderValue: 20,    maxOrderValue: 250,    validCurrencies: ["USD"],    validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "USDC"],  },  rampnetwork: {    minOrderValue: 1,    maxOrderValue: 10000,    validCurrencies: ["GBP", "EUR"],    validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "USDC"],  },};
interface PaymentParams {  selectedAddress?: string;  selectedCurrency?: string;  fiatValue?: Number;  selectedCryptoCurrency?: string;}


const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("wyre");
const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("moonpay", {  selectedCurrency: "USD",  fiatValue: 50,  selectedCryptoCurrency: "ETH",  selectedAddress: "0xabc...",});
const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("rampnetwork", {  selectedCurrency: "USD",});