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Cryptocurrency purchases through our fiat-to-crypto partners.


Initiates a top up tx with the specified provider right from the dapp. Please refer below for supported values of params and providers

{% hint style="info" %} Topup api doesn't require the user to be logged in with Torus {% endhint %}

const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup(provider, params);


  • provider - enum (required) : The specified payment partner. Supported options for provider are moonpay wyre coindirect
  • params - PaymentParams (optional) : The topup tx params. used to autofill the form for that specific provider
    • selectedAddress - string (optional): The address to top up
    • selectedCurrency - string (optional) : The fiat currency supported. e.g.: "USD". In case an unsupported currency is specified, it throws
    • fiatValue - Number (optional) : The fiat value. It must be between the max and min value supported by that provider
    • selectedCryptoCurrency - string (optional) : The crypto currency supported. e.g.: "ETH". In case an unsupported crypto currency is specified, it throws


  • Promise<boolean> : Returns a promise which resolves to a boolean indicating whether user has successfully completed the flow


torus.paymentProviders = {
moonpay: {
minOrderValue: 24.99,
maxOrderValue: 2000,
validCurrencies: ["USD", "EUR", "GBP"],
validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "TUSD", "USDC", "USDT"],
wyre: {
minOrderValue: 20,
maxOrderValue: 250,
validCurrencies: ["USD"],
validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "USDC"],
rampnetwork: {
minOrderValue: 1,
maxOrderValue: 10000,
validCurrencies: ["GBP", "EUR"],
validCryptoCurrencies: ["ETH", "DAI", "USDC"],
interface PaymentParams {
selectedAddress?: string;
selectedCurrency?: string;
fiatValue?: Number;
selectedCryptoCurrency?: string;


const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("wyre");
const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("moonpay", {
selectedCurrency: "USD",
fiatValue: 50,
selectedCryptoCurrency: "ETH",
selectedAddress: "0xabc...",
const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup("rampnetwork", {
selectedCurrency: "USD",